January 22, 2015

Field Trip to McCall Pattern Company

Souvenirs from our field trip. We saw the apron instruction sheet being printed and cut. They were also printing pages to the catalog. Unfortunately photographs were not allowed inside the facility - we saw many interesting machines!
James says:

  On one Monday morning we went to MCcall pattern company in the morning. We drove for about 10 minutes and then we saw a large building that spelled(in white letters) MCcall pattern company. After that we went inside and saw the front lobby. It was nicely decorated with a multi-colored
carpet. Somebody(I can't remember his name) was standing there and also the Emerys were there. The tour lasted nearly 2 hours, and sorry I can't post pictures because they say that employees totally freak out when they see a camera pointing at them that are not the security cams in the building. 

  So first, the guy led us into a room with LOTS of shelves and said that there can be something like 10,000 to 3,000,000 patterns on those shelves. He showed us lots of cool machines where my favorite 3 in order from my most favorite to least favorite.

1st. A machine where printed paper goes in long strips, the machine takes the paper, makes it look thinner as it goes down, and folds up the paper real small and sends a lot down the conveyor belt. 

2nd. The box closing machine. It takes a box, closes it as it comes in, tapes it, sends it down to the next station where it puts two yellow bands around it, and checks it to see if it's closed properly. If it's not closed properly, it beeps and a guy comes over and checks to see what's wrong. And the tour guy said we were very lucky to see it run because it almost never does. 

3rd. A machine that uses a cutter to cut the paper into little papers, and it folds it by making it go into overhangs. And then it goes into a combiner machine, which is the best part. It uses an automated counter machine and opens the top arm and closes the bottom arm. It then lets five fall into the bottom arm then closes the top arm and opens the bottom arm. The papers fall into the turner machine just as the bottom arm closes and the top one opens and it counts five again, then it turns the machine and lets five more fall into it. When this happens 4 times, a machine sends it out and a yellow band is put around and it's sent over to whoever ordered it.

Melody says:

The first room I saw I really liked. In the room we saw there flowers on one of the windows. The pattern on the floor was squares. It was my favorite room in the factory. It was the lobby.

They made magazines and gave us a book. Inside the book, there were pictures of different dresses. In Joel's book there were pictures of things you could get like measure dinosaurs. Mom's note: McCall manufactures peel-and-stick wall decorations, "Wallies," and some of them have markings by which you can measure a child's growth.

My favorite machine was the one that taped boxes. If the machine beeped, then the machine would push the box to the side. After that, the boxes went on a conveyor belt sideways, then up, then they went through a tunnel. They sent packages to all sorts of places around the world.

I also liked the machine that made magazines. At least 1000 magazines. We got a magazine of how to make an apron.

And after that, there were papers that came out a tunnel and then they fell into something a little bit like a dumpster, but they didn't throw stuff away.

We saw somebody cutting giant tissue papers.

We wanted to play oval tag but there wasn't enough time. Daddy took a picture of us under some words when we were playing tag. I saw lights that made the sign glow.

Joel says:

I saw different paths to different rooms, but we didn't see them. But the room we were having a tour in was very huge.

We saw a machine that made some books. I think they were pretty small but there was some pictures of people. There was a machine making paper with stamps. The tour was very long and I did get pretty hot.

There were kind of two cool things I saw. The first one was a ginormous printer. And the second one was somebody cutting paper and either throwing them in something that looked like a laundry basket but I think it was a trash can. But sometimes she sended them down a slide. The tour was very fun too, when we got to go outside. And when we were going to go outside, I thought we were just going to see more.

There were some boxes and if they were good, they could go, and if they were bad they got pushed to the side. There were some big chunks of paper and there were twisty slides that kept folding them. And there was a big place with lots of things but I don't remember what they were called. And there was lots of other books.

There were things that looked like A's. But the floor was very cracky. It looked like it. And to make the tour a little bit funner, I was playing a game where you lose if you don't step on the cracks and dots. There was a giant map where they got their mail I think. There was a giant thing that said, McCall Pattern Company. And when I got my magazine, it was very long. And when we were running outside, we were playing tag.

And when we were playing tag, it was funner than the tour.

The End.